Płyta ECS K7S5A, bios resetuje się!

Ja używałem tego biosu. (modyfikowany)

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chb0327f.rar > README.TXT

CheepoBios 1.18 beta for K7S5A
Based on ECS 030227 beta

chb0327.rom lan / non-lan Version
chb0327f.rom lan / non-lan Version with fastwrites enabled

Release notes:

- Adjust timing for stability and compatibility ;)
- Fixed Athlon XP1700+ was detected as 1800+
- Useless DRAM speed and CPU speed show only options disabled.

- FSB modes reprogrammed:

" 100/100 MHz " changed from 99.6 to 100.9 MHz
" 133/133 MHz " changed from 132.77 to 133.9 MHz
" 100/133 MHz " changed from 99.6/132.77 to 100.9/133.9
No more underclocking by default!

- Several FSB modes added. New list of available modes:

100/100 MHz
100/133 MHz
133/133 MHz - & gt; Default modes

H/W Trap (hardware default)
112/112 MHz
124/124 MHz
138/138 MHz (reprogrammed from 137.3 to 138.0)
150/150 MHz
166/166 MHz - & gt; Already present in the " OC " bios

107/107 MHz
110/110 MHz
133/100 MHz (Now 133.9/100.9)
143/143 MHz
147/147 MHz
110/147 MHz
133/166 MHz

Please note that the " 166 MHz no-boot issue " hasn't been dealt with
in this bios modification. It seems that bios timings need to be adjusted to allow
booting at such speed.

- Extra memory settings:
- RAS Precharge Time=2T
- RAS Active Time=4T, 5T

- Full screen logo can be enabled/disabled via bios menu

- A few hidden bios options have been enabled with amibcp. Please notice that none of these settings have been fixed or reprogrammed at all.

- PCI Latency Timer
- PCI slot #1 to #4 IRQ priority
Note: there is no need to enable PCI IDE Busmaster anymore, it was already present as an available option in the ecs bios

The default values for these settings, as well as all other settings except onboard lan, remain the same as in the original bios.

I wish to thank Jinxter, tw.p, Bench400 and Beheerder: deblokker mij, fellow bios modders
at for their useful ideas, discussion and testing

Cheepoman, 11 August 2003