Hasła w Windows. Gdzie są zapisywane hasła do stron z logowaniem.

Np. w pliku .pwl W 98 to bajecznie proste: rozpakuj (otrzymasz katalog PWLVIEW2), z którego odpalisz pwlview.bat. Plik pwlview.out otworzy Ci się w Notatniku. Gotowe :)

    • pwlview.bat
    • pwlview.out

Pobierz plik - link do postu > README.TXT

PwlView v2.0
(c) Eugene Korolev &
Vitas Ramanchauskas

PwlView shows all cached passwords stored in user's PWL file along
with user's login information. (User must be logged in).

To learn more about PWL files and latest news please visit

First version of pwlview was written by Vitas Ramanchauskas (
It was released in a hurry without any documentation (I thought it was kind of
self-explanatory). As a result I was simply flooded with hundred questions on
this program. PwlView has been distributed quite widely. It is available on
different sites under different names. First version of PwlView just shows
cached passwords using standard (but undocumented) windows API on local
machine for current user (user must be logged in) and no more. Now second
version is available. PwlView v2.0 has been completely re-written by
Eugene Korolev ( The key new feature is ability to show
current user's name and login password (of course if it was entered at Windows
logon). PwlView v2.0 is a shareware. Free demo version shows only first two
characters of login password (and all cached passwords). In other words free
demo version of pwlview v2.0 provides exactly the same functionality as free
first version. Registered version has no restrictions and shows full login
password. However if login password is unknown or PWL file is copied from
another computer you need for PwlTool (http:://soft4you/vitas/pwltool.htm).
Please note that pwlview is console Win32 application and looks like dos
program (as well as all other console applications). As a result it is
really small and does not require for huge external DLLs.

Command line options:
pwlview /o
send output to out.txt
pwlview /w
send output to out.txt and run NotePad to view it.
pwlview /d
disable information

To register pwlview please visit:

Eugene Korolev

Vitas Ramanchauskas