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3390 to 3310 Complete Guide
Here's a little trick on making your 3390 (1900Mhz) work on lower band (1800 Mhz).
First make sure that it has a ROM6 processor (MAD2), its changeable but requires skill.
Do the following hardware modifications:

Make sure to do every step on the hardware modification section, VCO can be replaced with 3310 or you
can do the step mentioned above, just make sure not to short the jumper wires with the tin cover
(placing back the tin cover is a good practice, it's an interference shield, remember it's an oscillator.)
Flash the phone with nhm-5 firmware including eeprom. Do the necessary step of updating security areas.

And Mabuhay!!! You now have a 3310/3315.

Special Thanks to:
The Chinese guy who first did this
- for showing us the way (and pics)
DJ King - for the pics and mic solution
- for the service manuals
Azywerks - my partner
- ???
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