Volvo s70 - Żarówki z niebieskim kapturem do podświetlenia przycisków

Szymon, tak się składa, że od zawsze - i nie krzycz na mnie.

Before starting the repair, make sure that you have the Volvo anti-theft radio code because
you will need it to reactivate the radio once the repairs are made. The Haynes manual
recommended removal of the negative battery connector before removing the radio; I did not
do this and everything worked out OK for me but your mileage may vary. To replace all the
bulbs in the radio, you will need 5 bulbs for the SC-813. Go to Radio Shack and buy the micro
lamp type 7219 (SN 272-1092C), 2 bulbs per package at about $1.50.

You will also need a couple of medium to small flat head screwdrivers, a Phillips head
screwdriver and possibly: pliers, wire cutters, and magnifying glass.

To remove the radio, press in on the two tabs on the right and left of the radio.
They will pop out and expose some handles you can use to remove the radio. Pull
the radio partially out of the dash and unhook the wiring. Mine had a cable
harness for the CD player, two other harnesses, and the antenna. Take inside to a
well-lit area. Remove the screws just behind the faceplate on both sides of the
radio chassis (7 screws total) and two screws on the top holding the top plate on

the radio.



Pry the plastic retainers just behind the faceplate of the radio on the top and
bottom of the radio chassis and then remove the faceplate. There is a ribbon
cable attaching the faceplate to the chassis of the radio. You do not need to
remove the cable. On the back of the faceplate is a circuit board that houses the 5
lights we are trying to get at. No need to remove the circuit board from the
Each of the five lights is attached to a black plastic housing that screws into the
back of the faceplate circuit board. Access the lights from the backside by turning
each of the plastic mounting part 1/4 turn CCW. (you can use a small screwdriver,
but you should be able to turn with your fingers)


After removing the bulb housing from your radio, remove the old bulb elements
from the plastic housing and insert the new bulb in it's place. This is tedious. Try
to find the end of the wire and pull up on it. Or chip away the " glue " holding to
wire leads in place and wrap the new wire leads in similar fashion. I used a small
screwdriver to pull the wiring loose and unwrapped the wiring from the housing.
The bulb can then be removed from the housing easily. Remove the small blue
rubber bulb cover and place it over the new bulb. Insert the new bulb into the
housing and wrap the wiring around the housing like it was originally wrapped and
screw the housing back into the faceplate circuit board. Make sure that you do not
twist the bulb in the housing and cause a short. This whole process took a little
over two hours.

To reassemble your radio, follow these steps in reverse, noting that the circuit board must
line-up with the multi-pin connections and a couple of guide pins.

This post is a modification of a previous post by Andrew T. Watson on 10 October 2001,
Re: How to replace light in radio [850/94]. Andrew deserves all the credit for figuring
out how to do this. I only modified his post to help those with S70s and SC-813 radios.

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